Treat yourself with delicious desserts at Skoops

At Skoops we have the passion for great desserts and want to provide you with the best service! You'll have a great time organizing your next birthday here and will get to discover our amazing waffles, crepes, sundaes and many other surprises!

Are you up for a Skoops Challenge?? Have you got what it takes??

5 Waffles, 12 toppings, 3 Scoops of Gelato and a Large 2 Milkshakes of your choice

See if you can eat it all in 18 minutes

And if you can complete the challenge you'll get a Skoops T-Shirt and your name and time on our challenge board and you will get a full refund (EAT IN only.)

Feeling lazy?

Order from us on Deliveroo and UberEats!